The Top 4 Medicinal Mushrooms For Supercharging Your Health


1. Cordyceps

[cȯr-di-səps] / Ophiocordyceps sinensis

Use Cordyceps to:

+ Carry out higher (each athletically and within the bed room)

+ Improve vitality

+ Alleviate bronchial asthma or bronchitis

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom valued primarily for its extraordinary potential to extend vitality and cut back fatigue. It’s been a centerpiece of conventional Chinese language drugs for greater than 1,300 years, with the primary recognized report of its use courting again to the Tang Dynasty in AD 620.

If historic lore is to be trusted, yak herders within the Himalayas of historical Tibet and Nepal first observed the results of cordyceps when their animals grew to become considerably extra frolicky and frisky after grazing in areas the place it grew. What these yaks have been grazing on is one other fascinating tidbit: cordyceps’s stoma and fruiting physique develop out of the mummified carcasses of insect larvae, often caterpillars—therefore its English nickname, the “caterpillar mushroom.”Within the wild, cordyceps spores inhabit and kill their insect host, stealing all its vitamins to outlive. Whereas some strains of cordyceps now develop in different areas (the mountainous areas of Peru, for instance), the unique celebrated pressure of cordyceps grows solely on the Himalayan Plateau, at roughly 12,000 ft above sea stage, so harvesting them from the wild is each extraordinarily difficult and prohibitively costly. This partly explains why cordyceps was so worthwhile in historical China as top-of-the-line medicinal mushrooms—it was as uncommon because it was efficient. Immediately, a Himalayan harvester hopes to seek out about ten small specimens per day. These treasures might then seem on the cabinets of a neighborhood apothecary and promote for $500 to $1,300 an oz—wild cordyceps can price as a lot as $20,000 a pound!—that means {that a} good harvest 12 months could make an enormous distinction within the lifetime of the sector employee. In actual fact, some specialists estimate that the harvesting of untamed cordyceps represents as much as 90% of the money revenue within the areas of Tibet the place cordyceps grows, and about 40% of all rural space money revenue in Tibet. It’s an enormous enterprise, albeit not a really sustainable one. However don’t fear—there’s cordyceps which were cultivated in a vegan-friendly method by means of liquid fermentation (the mycelium is strained and twin extracted to create a mushroom extract that’s as potent because the wild selection).

Thought of as probably the most well-liked therapeutic mushrooms, cordyceps is most notable for its energizing results, as a consequence of its beta-glucans. These current in cordyceps, like all different beta-glucans, ship oxygen to the physique on a mobile stage, which not solely decreases the prevalence of illness but additionally will increase vitality and stamina. Cordyceps additionally considerably boosts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) ranges within the physique. ATP is the physique’s primary vitality provide supply and is required for all mobile processes. Cells want vitality to activate our muscle groups and preserve us shifting. Consider ATP appearing on our our bodies the best way batteries do in a flashlight. When our ATP ranges dip, our vitality ranges take a dive as properly. When ATP is recharged, by cordyceps, for instance, we shine shiny once more, shifting with ease and alacrity. As a result of it’s so efficient at growing vitality and lowering fatigue, cordyceps is a well-liked and efficient mushroom complement for the aged who’re looking for to counteract the lethargy that usually accompanies getting older and for athletes who need to carry out at peak ranges.

Right here’s a notable instance. Cordyceps first got here beneath the highlight of mainstream tradition in 1993 when China’s Olympic girls’s track-and-field crew broke three world information in a single week. The athletes have been examined for banned substances and none have been detected. Ma Junren, the crew’s legendary coach, finally disclosed that the key to the crew’s success was a “secret elixir created from the Cordyceps sinensis mushroom.” These outcomes are in all probability a bit extra excessive than what you and I’ll expertise, however the truth is that everybody can profit from utilizing cordyceps as a normal rejuvenator, significantly when your physique is recovering from sickness.


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Due to cordyceps’s distinctive potential to spice up oxygen stream and improve ATP, it will probably even have an amazing influence on respiratory points, reminiscent of bronchial asthma or bronchitis. I had a pal who had suffered from bronchial asthma since he was a younger boy, however as an grownup, he began utilizing cordyceps, taking 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams in capsule kind every day. After a couple of month of constant use, he now not wanted his inhaler or prescription bronchial asthma drugs.

Cordyceps’s anti-inflammatory properties imply that it will probably assist with blood stream, total coronary heart well being, and reducing ldl cholesterol. Its beta-glucans and one other chemical compound referred to as cordysepic acid have been recognized to shrink tumors and straight stimulate lymphocyte manufacturing, to kill overseas our bodies within the immune system. Among the many many different advantages of this medicinal mushroom, there’s the fascinating incontrovertible fact that cordyceps has been recognized to assist with libido. This perk is attributed to each the cordysepic acid in addition to deoxyadenosine, one other chemical acid. Each assist with erectile dysfunction by boosting testosterone ranges and growing blood stream by getting issues shifting in all the fitting locations. Simply because it affected these frisky animals within the Himalayas, cordyceps can assist out people within the bed room. No surprise it’s earned the relatively unimaginative, but becoming, nickname “cordysex.”

When you occur to be within the Himalayas throughout a harvest interval, you’ll acknowledge cordyceps by the darkish brown “tail” (fruiting physique) rising out of the carcasses of useless caterpillars. And in case you are there for such an occasion, watch out, since there may be loads of competitors for this extremely valued fungi; fights over foraging rights can get ugly.

The Insane Energy of Fungi

Cordyceps is a part of the Ascomycetes fungus household, which additionally contains truffles and morels; Penicillium, the mould that naturally produces penicillin; and ergot fungus, the supply of probably the most potent hallucinogen on the planet, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). The truth that members of the identical household can be utilized in such completely different manners—as prized culinary mushrooms, or as probably the most prevalent and prescribed antibiotics within the historical past of Western drugs, or as a strong mood-altering unlawful substance—completely illustrates the unbelievable dichotomy of the fungi kingdom.

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2. Shiitake

[shē-təh-kē] / Lentinula edodes

Use Shiitake to:

+ Have clear, glowing pores and skin

+ Assist your liver

+ Decrease ldl cholesterol


Shiitake, which is among the most generally cultivated mushrooms on the planet, second solely to the button mushroom, makes it probably the most simply accessible medicinal mushroom within the listing. A veritable culinary delicacy featured in Asian cooking for hundreds of years, shiitake has turn out to be more and more well-liked in American cooking over the previous decade. Scrumptious when used contemporary, dried shiitake can be a favourite amongst cooks and residential cooks who’re looking for a extra concentrated taste. For strictly medicinal functions, shiitake may be taken as a complement in capsule kind or as an extract. Every preparation will ship a number of advantages and the way you determine to devour it is going to range relying in your explicit wants.

Medicinal use of shiitake dates again a minimum of so far as AD 100 in China, when it was used to deal with and forestall higher respiratory illnesses, increase circulation, improve vitality, lower fatigue, and as a normal chi-enhancing elixir. It comes as little shock that it was additionally used to fight and forestall indicators of getting older.

Immediately, we all know shiitake to be a very uncommon superfood, and top-of-the-line medicinal mushrooms there may be, because it incorporates seven of the 9 important amino acids (amino acids are the constructing blocks of proteins that have to be consumed from exterior sources, because the human physique doesn’t produce them). Shiitake additionally incorporates a number of important enzymes (like amylase and cellulase, each of which support in digestion), is an efficient supply of important minerals (together with magnesium and potassium, which have antioxidant properties), and important nutritional vitamins (reminiscent of B and D).

Like different therapeutic mushrooms, Shiitake’s advantages embrace its immunomodulating skills and its influence on the cardiovascular system. Concerning the immune system, one of many polysaccharides in shiitakes is lentinan, which stimulates and prompts the completely different styles of white blood cells that combat off infections. Lentinan has been particularly highly effective in combatting the results of HIV and liver illness, making it an efficient remedy for any type of bodily cleansing. Maybe surprisingly, this could even embrace improved pores and skin look. Individuals don’t usually join persistent pimples or persistent breakouts with what’s happening with our inner organs, however our pores and skin is mostly a mirror for no matter is occurring in our liver. A completely functioning liver usually equates to a flawless face.

Shiitake mushroom extract may also have super results on the cardiovascular system, as it will probably stop substances from binding to the linings of blood vessels. For instance, eritadenine, one among shiitake’s bioactive compounds, has repeatedly proven to assist decrease ldl cholesterol by inhibiting its absorption within the bloodstream. It does this partly by suppressing the buildup of lipids within the liver tissue and serving to to eradicate ldl cholesterol by means of the blood vessels, relatively than permitting fatty acids to construct up. Together with quite a few anti-inflammatory and antiviral capacities, shiitake’s potential to enhance blood circulation may imply a lot for these affected by rheumatoid arthritis. To that finish, the advantages of medicinal mushrooms are persevering with to be extra significantly studied.

You possibly can establish shiitake by its medium-size, umbrella-shaped brown cap. The sides of the cap roll inward and the underside and stem of the mushroom are white. Within the wild, shiitake grows on hardwood bushes primarily within the mountainous areas of China, Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Commercially, shiitake is often grown in sawdust and grain (logs are dearer, heavier, and may be more durable to acquire). Log-grown shiitake is stronger than sawdust-grown, so that is another excuse to do your analysis when sourcing mushrooms. In case your vendor doesn’t cite the place their shiitake grew, it was most certainly grown in sawdust or grain.

Shiitake in Motion

A robust story showcasing shiitake’s therapeutic properties entails a younger teenage movie star I do know who was quietly affected by a very pervasive and tenacious case of pimples. Although he was utilizing aggressive remedies, his pores and skin was more and more turning into a supply of stress on his skilled life as a public determine. The younger man began taking 1,500 milligrams of shiitake extract, stopped taking his prescription, and in a couple of month his pores and skin had cleared significantly, bettering till the pimples was utterly gone.

Enjoyable Truth

Many cooks favor to make use of sun-dried shiitake, because the drying enhances the mushroom’s taste. As an added bonus, the solar’s ultraviolet rays convert ergosterol (a by-product of a triterpene sterol present in shiitake and different fungi) into vitamin D2. With as much as a hundredfold improve in vitamin D, sun-dried shiitakes generally is a vital dietary supply of your requirement of the vitamin. Due to the media hype a couple of years in the past surrounding widespread vitamin D deficiencies in the US, many corporations capitalized on the money-making potential, and the vitamin D complement market was shortly saturated. Be cautious of those dietary supplements, as lots of them are questionable. Shiitake, then again, straight delivers pure vitamin D.

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3. Maitake

[mā-tək-ē] / Grifola frondosa

Use Maitake to:

+ Handle weight naturally

+ Stabilize blood sugar

+ Enhance digestion


One other title that’s vital in our medicinal mushrooms listing is maitake. In Japanese, maitake means “dancing mushroom,” a reputation that historic lore suggests was derived from the Samurai. Foraging for these treasured mushrooms usually concerned lengthy and strenuous escapades deep within the mountains and forests of Japan, and it’s believed that the Samurai danced for pleasure upon discovering these edible treasures. Different names by which you would possibly acknowledge this superfood embrace “sheep’s head” and “ram’s head.”

Like lots of different prime medicinal mushrooms, maitake has highly effective immunomodulating properties, significantly as a consequence of its beta-glucan polysaccharides. What separates maitake from different medicinal mushrooms is its SX-fraction, a water-soluble compound so named due to its potential to counteract the results of Syndrome X. Often known as metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X isn’t one illness, per se, however relatively refers to a gaggle of threat components, together with excessive blood sugar, excessive ldl cholesterol, hypertension, and extra fats, that feed on each other to negatively influence your well being and wellness. The SX-fraction compound, which is among the many exemplary medicinal mushroom advantages, has the potential to scale back blood glucose ranges, blood stress, and physique weight, so it will probably probably work wonders on these affected by diabetes or weight problems. SX-fraction additionally works as an adaptogen, that means it is not going to solely profit those that are hyperglycemic however may also stabilize blood sugar ranges in those that are hypoglycemic. As with many well being points, fixing the foundation of the issue usually creates a constructive domino impact on total well being and wellness. Within the case of diabetes, if blood sugar is regulated and insulin resistance eradicated, it’s potential that kidney and renal capabilities, which regularly deteriorate because of diabetes, could possibly be stabilized and any current injury probably reversed. Loopy stuff, isn’t it?

You possibly can establish maitake by its cluster-like kind that resembles the feathers of a fluffed rooster—therefore the favored title for the mushroom in the US, “hen-of-the-woods.” Often known as top-of-the-line therapeutic mushrooms as we speak, maitake primarily grows on the base of oak or elm bushes within the northeastern components of Japan and North America. Maitake may be eaten contemporary or dried and is a well-liked culinary mushroom utilized by cooks the world over. It’s additionally usually taken in powder kind after an extraction course of.

Maitake in Motion

A girl I labored with years in the past suffered from intestinal candidiasis (a yeast-like unhealthy fungus that had amassed in her GI tract as a consequence of a bacterial imbalance in her physique). As a result of candida is a pressure of yeast, she was positive she couldn’t eat mushrooms for concern of actually feeding the issue. Nonetheless, it’s a fantasy that these affected by candida can not eat mushrooms—actually, many medicinal mushrooms like maitake and reishi have antifungal properties that work to eradicate unhealthy fungi reminiscent of candida. As soon as she realized that mushrooms may truly assist her, she began taking 3,000 milligrams of maitake extract every day, and inside a couple of months, her candida had disappeared utterly and her digestive system was again to regular.

Enjoyable Truth

When you’re looking for taste, look no additional than maitake. Except for being probably the most extremely advisable medical mushrooms, it additionally incorporates l-glutamate, the amino acid accountable for that much-touted and oft-elusive “umami” style. Often known as the “fifth taste,” you may expertise umami by consuming bacon, Parmesan cheese, and meals containing the unreal flavor-enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG). None of those choices are almost as wholesome as maitake, although, so look to mushrooms to your subsequent culinary excessive.

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4. Turkey Tail

Coriolus versicolor or Trametes versicolor

Use Turkey Tail to:

+ Deal with the widespread chilly and flu

+ Support digestion

+ Assist heal infections


Thought of as top-of-the-line medicinal mushrooms there may be, turkey tail earned its title as a result of mushroom’s fan form, which resembles the tail finish of fall’s favourite hen. Its Latin title means “of a number of colours,” which can be becoming as this mushroom may be recognized by the concentric circles of various colours that seem on its fruiting physique. A pervasive grower, turkey tail is the simplest to forage of all of the medicinal mushrooms merely due to its ubiquity—yow will discover it nearly wherever, rising on useless or fallen hardwood bushes, stumps, or branches. This high quality might have been what led to its use in conventional Chinese language drugs—it has been mentioned that historical Taoists have been astonished by how simply this colourful mushroom grew on pine, which was a notoriously antifungal tree. They concluded {that a} mushroom of such tenacity and energy should include unbelievable medicinal properties.

And so it does. Like many different medicinal mushrooms, turkey tail mushroom extract is stuffed with polysaccharides and triterpenes that give it its immunomodulating properties, offering total immune assist and regulation to place you on the trail to your healthiest self. What units turkey tail aside from the remainder of the medicinal mushrooms are two of its distinctive beta-glucans: polysaccharide krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP).

PSK has acquired nationwide media consideration for its anticancer properties, which sparked a major hyperlink between medicinal mushrooms and most cancers. In Western drugs, the purpose of most cancers remedies reminiscent of chemotherapy and radiation is to kill the most cancers cells, however a critical consequence of those aggressive remedies is that the immune system is usually left compromised—you can’t kill all of the unhealthy cells with out additionally taking out most of the good. What’s wonderful concerning the PSK and PSP in turkey tail is that they’ve the power to regenerate white blood cells (that are essential to push back an infection) and stimulate the exercise and creation of T-cells, macrophages, and pure killer (NK) cells, enabling the immune system to as soon as once more push back and destroy pathogens. As of this printing, PSK has been extra completely studied than PSP, significantly in Japan, the place, as early because the 1980s, the federal government allowed PSK for use to deal with a number of varieties of most cancers. Immediately, it’s the best-selling anticancer drug on the Japanese market and is utilized in mixture with surgical procedure, chemotherapy, and radiation remedy. Although PSP is a more recent discovery, analysis means that it’s considerably extra highly effective than PSK, which is an thrilling notion for growing future most cancers remedies. Turkey tail has additionally confirmed profitable in stimulating the regeneration of bone marrow broken by most cancers remedies and has additionally been efficient in treating human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis C.

You possibly can establish turkey tail by its fanlike form; it usually grows in tiered clusters on useless or fallen hardwood bushes. The multicolored concentric bands are often in shades of brown, black, and deep crimson, however may be blue and inexperienced as properly. In contrast to different medicinal mushrooms, turkey tail has a thick, leathery really feel; is stemless; and has small pores on its underside as a substitute of gills like on many different mushrooms.

Turkey Tail in Motion

What drove turkey tail’s significantly therapeutic potential dwelling for me was a TED Speak given by world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, wherein he introduced turkey tail to the eye of the lots by sharing a private story involving his mom, medicinal mushrooms, and most cancers. At age eighty-four, she had been recognized with the second most aggressive case of stage Four breast most cancers a physician on the Swedish Most cancers Institute in Seattle, Washington had seen in additional than twenty years of follow. The physician instructed she attempt turkey tail at the side of her remedy, because it was being clinically tried on the time (sarcastically, Stamets was supplying the turkey tail to the medical research). His mom began taking eight capsules of turkey tail every day and through this 2011 TED Speak, simply two years after his mom was recognized and given mere months to dwell, Mrs. Stamets got here to the stage, weeping along with her son as they introduced that she was utterly cancer-free.

Enjoyable Truth

Foraging 101 is all about turkey tail, as a result of if there may be one mushroom yow will discover in your lunch break, it’s this one. As soon as you discover it, you’ll begin seeing it in all places—significantly. Observe that turkey tail isn’t edible in its pure kind, so don’t instantly attempt to gobble up your woodsy finds. The most typical methods to devour it are in powdered and liquid extract varieties.

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A Observe on Aspect Results and Dosages

We advocate that using medicinal mushrooms be strictly monitored for these on antibiotics, anticoagulants, sure diabetes medicine, and intravenous glucose. Since medicinal mushrooms are potent complete meals and assist the physique in blood circulation and blood sugar management issues, utilizing them alongside explicit medicine meant for a similar functions might trigger surprising outcomes, or an undesirable “doubling up” on remedy. For these situations, therapeutic mushrooms should still be very useful; nevertheless, it is very important focus on all utilization of medicinal mushrooms along with your physician and to start out slowly and incrementally improve your dosage. Additionally, whereas these mushrooms are usually considered secure by well being care professionals, in case you are pregnant or recurrently taking prescription remedy(s), it’s important that you simply seek the advice of your physician earlier than consuming them, particularly mushroom dietary supplements. Although overdosing shouldn’t be a problem with both commercially accessible merchandise or mushrooms utilized in a culinary capability, it’s nonetheless necessary to notice that not one of the data offered right here is meant to be an alternative choice to skilled medical recommendation, analysis, or remedy of any sort.

As with every complement or pure drugs, it’s best to start out slowly and work your method as much as larger dosages to let your physique modify.

This text is excerpted from Therapeutic Mushrooms: A Sensible and Culinary Information to Utilizing Mushrooms for Entire Physique Well being by Tero Isokauppila.


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