5 Tricks to Construct And Set up a Profitable Advertising Staff


acquaintance with the trends and the ability to perceive the most subtle market gaps, you are riding for a fall.

Survival can never be guaranteed, but if you are going to fail, at least let it not be because you were poor at marketing. Building a competent marketing team is something you do standing on your head, and these tips show exactly why:

Invest in Talent Management

Talent management refers to the whole range of activities you do to attract talent and retain it. Assembling a team of great marketing talent is no child’s play. Education backgrounds can be deceiving, and individuals can perform well in interviews only to be the complete opposite in the job. If you are lucky to land excellent marketing personnel, you need to do everything to ensure they stick around, even if it means providing incentives such as salary increments and promotions.

Set Goals

While you need to be easy on your marketing team, setting clear and strict goals can keep them on the go even when they have zero motivation for it. It also provides a destination to work towards, which can be motivating on multiple levels. For one, employees will work knowing there is something to achieve and not just doing repetitive tasks with no end in sight.

Practice Division of Labor

Division of labor has stood the test of time because it works. Assigning assignments by talent can enhance productivity and significantly reduce boredom and lack of motivation in the workplace. If an individual is good at social media management, give them that, and leave visual content creation to those who are familiar and content with editing images and videos and creating infographics.

Stay Realistic

Once you have assembled your marketing team, you have to be realistic with your expectations. Unlimited resources will get you the best and most experienced talent in the world. However, if you are recruiting on a budget, it means you have to settle for a smaller team and expect less.

That is not to say you go for the less skilled or under-qualified, though. It means creating a better-recruiting strategy. In any world, talent and experience will beat numbers hands down, so work on building a small but knowledgeable team instead of crowding your department with individuals who don’t know the first thing about marketing.

Be Flexible

Being too rigid and obsessed with the goals can amount to intimidation. This can only spark a mass exodus of employees, which may cause disruptions in your operations. Different people have different ways of adapting to new working environments. Ease them into their duties, and let them show you how and when they are most productive.


Assembling a winning marketing team shouldn’t be hard if you take the time to create a viable recruitment strategy and pair it with robust talent retention policies. Hopefully, the above tips give you a place to start as you look to achieve that.


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