AT&T Is Struggling Just to Give HBO Max Away : technology


They fucked every dog in the pound on the launch of HBO Max. I’d been using the old HBO app on firestick but they decided not to support anymore effectively locking me out of my subscription. When I called HBO their employees were all rude and technically incompetent because my subscription was through Amazon and they just didn’t give a shit. I called Amazon who were able to inform me that I could technically get the new app to work if I got third party software and uploaded HBO Max indirectly, that is to say that it would have worked fine if they had bothered to iron out licensing with Amazon but instead they just didn’t bother.

So I tried getting it through my computer but it wasn’t available through my ISP. The previous version of the app, HBO Now worked fine on my computer so this was another downgrade that they rolled out with no consideration for their existing customers.

Next I tried to get it through my Chrome cast. To do that I first had to get the app through my phone which worked fine but after I got it downloaded I found out that Verizon or my ISP doesn’t support that either. The error just said my service provider doesn’t allow it and HBO custoner support was, once again, beyond useless.

After I finally gave up on it and canceled the service I found out I might be able to get it through the Samsung app on my smart TV but by that point I just wasn’t interested in rewarding a company for being such sloppy, apathetic d-bags.


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