Can Planetary Gongs Heal Your Astrological Wounds? | Goop


What gongs do you end up leaning towards probably the most currently? What are they for, and the way may they work collectively?

First off, at first of any sound bathtub, I let the viewers know concerning the gong mixture I’m bringing in. And I be certain to notice that in astrology there isn’t a proper and flawed; there isn’t a good or unhealthy. There’s simply duality to each facet: A blessing within the curse. A hardship to obtain the reward. I’ve had two folks on precisely the identical planetary transit sit in precisely the identical sound bathtub and have two fully completely different experiences. There’s a lot gray space when it comes to how we’re going to expertise the planets and the way we’re going to expertise sound based mostly on the place we’re in our distinctive journey.

With that in thoughts, there are some gongs I’ve been utilizing currently. Right here’s an image of what sort of vitality they work with and the way a few of them may work collectively together:

Pluto is a transformer and a destroyer. It’s a really deep, intense planet. So once you get a sound bathtub with a Pluto gong in it, you’re going to really feel that depth and depth.

Venus is about self-love and creativity and concord and peace. I’m taking part in her loads with Pluto as she helps me channel what I would really like our world to channel: the destruction of the warlike strategy to our variations. Venus as a substitute ushers in a peaceable, loving acceptance of the opposite.

Earth vitality is grounding. I’ve discovered that my audiences and I want Earth greater than ever this 12 months. If you hearken to a sound bathtub with an Earth gong and a Venus gong, you’re feeling all of these excessive vibrational Venusian qualities however in a brilliant grounded manner.

Chiron is a minor planet, and in astrology, it represents the wounded healer. If I’m serving to folks work with Chiron vitality, a Chiron gong may elevate their wounds, no matter they’re, as much as the floor and assist remodel them into knowledge and gasoline that energizes that individual to maneuver ahead. It’d assist them really feel therapeutic come up inside themselves. Generally folks really feel that as a way of launch or an aha second. So if I’m bringing in a Venus gong and a Chiron gong, these energies work collectively on points round love and self-love. Do you will have points in intimate relationships? Do you will have points round receiving? Do you will have points round abundance and creativity? All questions that we are able to work with utilizing the 2 energies Venus and Chiron.


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