Chakras 101: The Crown Chakra


We’ve lastly made it to the final put up in our chakras collection! Right now it’s all in regards to the crown chakra! As the ultimate chakra within the system, it has a singular function in human spirituality, connection, and consciousness.

If you wish to begin originally, try the primary put up on this collection on the basis chakra, adopted by the sacral chakra, photo voltaic plexus chakra, coronary heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra.

The Crown Chakra at a Look

Chakras 101: The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, or sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is called “the bridge to the cosmos.” It’s the most religious in nature of all seven chakras. Situated above the crown of the pinnacle, it acts as the person’s middle of spirit, enlightenment, knowledge, common consciousness, and connection to greater steerage. In a way, the crown chakra is our highest potential. It governs interplay & communication with the Universe, one’s senses of inspiration & devotion, union with the upper self & the divine, and deeper understanding; concurrently, it’s chargeable for a wholesome religious life.

Some folks like to consider the crown chakra as a sort of umbilical wire to the divine, whereby we as human beings are linked to the oneness of all issues. Due to this direct connection, it is crucial that we don’t conceptualize ourselves as being fully separated from the divine; as a substitute, that larger Common pressure is merely a bigger growth of the identical vitality which makes us up, too.

The crown chakra permits for the experiences of unity and common connectedness, in addition to the combination of the entire. It has a masculine vitality and is represented by the colour violet, or typically white, whereas its image is a circle with one thousand petals. Elementally, it’s related to thought and silence, and its mantra is, “I do know.”

On the Earth

What You Need to Know About the Earth's Chakras
Mount Kailash within the Tibetan Himalayas acts because the Crown Chakra of the earth

Simply as there’s a crown chakra within the human physique’s chakra system, our planet has a crown chakra and a respective system of Earth chakras, too. The crown Earth chakra is situated at Mount Kailash, a 22,000 foot-tall peak in Tibet which is considered the crown jewel of the Himalayas. Nicknamed, “the roof of the world,” Mount Kailash is taken into account to be probably the most sacred mountain in your complete vary. I

n reality, Tibetans contemplate the mountain so holy that nobody dares offend the divine by making an attempt to climb it. Mount Kailash appears to be the proper location for the crown chakra as a result of, each bodily and non-physically, by way of grandeur and sacredness, the mountain acts because the Earthly embodiment of connection to spirit.

When Blocked or Out of Stability

If the crown chakra is out of steadiness or suffering from caught vitality, a variety of emotional cues can act as pink flags pointing within the route of the issue. Widespread indicators of hassle with the crown chakra embody issue meditating, issue feeling linked, and religious disinterest, in addition to boredom, feeling antsy with the mundane, not feeling linked to 1’s objective or knowledge, or wanting full isolation.

Maybe the strongest indicators of an unbalanced crown chakra are despair, apathy, and skepticism. In the meantime, nonetheless others embody stubbornness, extreme sarcasm, and narrow-mindedness.

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The place higher to tune into spirituality than a temple like Indonesia’s Candi Prambanan?

One solution to goal the alignment of the crown chakra is thru transferring the physique. Particular yoga asanas like headstands, for instance, will be helpful for transferring vitality by way of the crown area. Following together with a guided yoga routine comparable to this seventh Chakra Yoga Class, Crown Chakra Vin to Yin, or Crown Chakra Balancing Circulation might be a terrific place to begin. Even attempting one thing so simple as laying the wrong way up to get blood-flow transferring to the highest of the pinnacle will help, so don’t fear that being a yoga novice will preserve you from with the ability to align this chakra. One other widespread method to aligning this chakra is Emotional Freedom Techinque, extra colloquially known as “tapping.” (I discuss tapping right here!)

There are many non-physical instruments to assist steadiness the crown chakra, as nicely. One such device is visualization, a type of meditation which controls the main target. For the crown chakra, think about vivid white or violet mild pouring into the highest of the pinnacle. Or, strive a guided mediation designed for the crown chakra, like I share right here.

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One tip which is particularly useful for these discovering it tough to meditate is that this: as a substitute of being the thoughts, merely watch the thoughts. Moreover, think about using earplugs whereas meditating to realize just a few moments of true silence, which might be massively useful for the alignment of the crown chakra. Alongside the identical vein, apply intentional stillness. Lastly, use vibrations of the verbalized seed syllable “om,” (pronounced with an “oh” vowel sound, not an “ah” vowel sound) to focus on the crown chakra.

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The floating temples in Thailand are awe-inspiring.

Affirmations are one other nice solution to deliver the crown chakra into alignment. They can be utilized alone, in pairs or units, or along side different actions like yoga and meditation. Maybe the only solution to make use of them is to include them right into a day by day routine with a view to create constant religious mindfulness. Some affirmations for the crown chakra might be:

  • I’m linked to the Universe and to every little thing round me.
  • I’m guided by one thing larger than myself.
  • I’ve entry to knowledge and peace.
  • I honor my spirit and the divine inside me.

Different strategies of balancing the crown chakra embody aromatherapy and crystals. For one factor, diffusing or making use of important oils like lavender and jasmine will be calming and soothing for the crown chakra, whereas oils like cedar wooden, sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh will be stimulating. In the meantime, crystals like amethyst, diamond, lavender, Herkimer diamond, clear quartz, and selenite assist to focus on the vitality of the crown chakra.

Whereas incorporating sure meals into the weight loss program is a typical apply for the opposite six chakras within the system, the crown chakra requires one thing a bit totally different: fasting, which acts as a type of religious nourishment reasonably than bodily nourishment. A interval of refraining from meals gives a break from worrying about bodily calls for in order that your complete focus could also be devoted to 1’s spirituality and better consciousness. This could solely be accomplished beneath the steerage of a professional medical skilled.

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The famed White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Because the parts which correlate with the crown chakra are thought and silence, it may be helpful to hunt out an setting which is conducive to each of these issues: most notably, a silent meditation retreat. I accomplished ten days of silent meditation in Thailand, and it was an extremely rising expertise. There are numerous meditation retreats everywhere in the world, with many in Thailand particularly. If this looks as if an excessive amount of of a bounce from zero to sixty, contemplate taking self-guided journey to some of the numerous attractive temples of Southeast Asia, comparable to these in Chiang Rai, Thailand and Indonesia.

What is crown chakra? Find out everything you need to know about crown chakra, including its location and meaning, best ways to keep it balanced and words of affirmations that will help strengthening your crown chakra. #CrownChakra

Every chakra performs an necessary function in empowering us to be our greatest selves, and the crown chakra isn’t any exception. Our connection to one thing larger permits us to method our lives with objective, divine inspiration, surprise, and a broader perspective. Additional, aligned crown chakras can remind us all of our connectedness to one another and all issues, encouraging us to dwell from a spot of unity and lovingkindness — what an attractive world we might create.

Thanks for becoming a member of me on this journey by way of the chakras. If you happen to’d wish to study extra, be part of me for a free week of chakra meditations, and take a look at our digital chakra retreat!

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