Factbox: Venus, named for the goddess of love, is no cuddly place


Scientists have noticed proof of potential life on the planet Venus, although they emphasised that extra work must be achieved to substantiate whether or not or not life – presumably aerial microbes – exists or whether or not there may be another non-biological rationalization for his or her findings.

Here’s a take a look at key information concerning the planet Venus, primarily based on info from the U.S. house company NASA and up to date analysis findings.

* Venus, with a diameter of about 7,500 miles (12,000 km), is barely smaller than Earth. It’s the second planet from the Solar and is Earth’s closest planetary neighbour. Venus spins from east to west, the wrong way from all the opposite planets in our photo voltaic system apart from Uranus. Venus additionally experiences the longest day of any planet within the photo voltaic system, taking 243 Earth days to finish a rotation. Other than the solar and moon, it’s the brightest object in Earth’s night time sky. Venus will get its identify from the traditional Roman goddess of affection and sweetness.


* Its thick environment traps in warmth in what is taken into account a runaway greenhouse impact, rendering Venus the photo voltaic system’s hottest planet. Floor temperatures attain 880 levels Fahrenheit (471 levels Celsius), sizzling sufficient to soften lead. However on the degree the place its harshly acidic clouds reside, roughly 30 miles (50 km) above the Venusian floor, temperatures are way more gentle. The environment is made up primarily of carbon dioxide, with the clouds made up largely of sulfuric acid. Scientists consider that Venus way back could have possessed circumstances that might have allowed for dwelling organisms to evolve, although its floor now could be thought-about fully inhospitable to life. The clouds, nevertheless, have been thought-about a possible haven for aerial microbes to outlive.

* Scientists stated in July they’ve recognized 37 volcanic buildings on Venus that look like just lately lively – and possibly nonetheless are immediately – portray the image of a geologically dynamic planet and never a dormant world as lengthy thought. Many scientists had thought Venus, missing the plate tectonics that regularly reshapes Earth’s floor, was basically dormant geologically for the previous half billion years. The floor of Venus is roofed with craters, volcanoes, mountains and large-scale lava plains. The tallest Venusian mountain, known as Maxwell Montes, stands 20,000 toes excessive (8.Eight km kilometres), much like Earth’s Mount Everest.


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