Greatest Name Middle Service Critiques of 2020


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When it comes to business, reliable customer service builds fortunes. In fact, most businesses that offer above-average customer service, perform better than their competitors no matter their size. 

Using a call center service not only shows you respect your customers, but it also gives them a myriad of ways to connect with your business.

And the best part? Customers like that because it puts them at ease.

However, picking the best call center service for your business can create agony if you don’t know what to look for. 

To help you out, we researched and tested the best call center services on the market. Then, we narrowed it down to our top five recommendations—and reviewed them. 

Signius Communications

Best Overall Call Center Services

Flexible answering services for a wide variety of industries with no setup fees, 24/7 support and live answering, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $45/month.

The 5 Best Call Center Service Options to Consider:

  1. Signius – Best overall call center services
  2. GoAnswer – Best for inbound support and legal intake services
  3. Specialty Answering Service – Best answering services for large businesses
  4. Five Star Call Centers  – Best for B2B and B2C outbound calling
  5. Answer Connect – Best technology-driven answering services

When it Makes Sense to Invest In Call Center Services

There are countless reasons businesses need call center services. 

They offer state of the art technology, extraordinary reliability, and will change how you do business. However, you don’t need to be a million-dollar corporation to have million-dollar call center capabilities.

Are you having trouble reaching out to your leads within 24 hours of the first contact? Or feel like you spend more time answering calls than you should? Then you need call center services.

Furthermore, call center services integrate tools that maximize sales, generate leads, and nurture relationships.

Let’s dig deeper and look at some more reasons you’d need call center services. If any of the following sounds familiar, it’s probably time to consider making the investment.  

  • Customers call at various hours and you or staff can’t answer to help 
  • You don’t have the capacity to answer customer calls
  • If you sell globally but can’t speak those languages
  • Customers can’t get ahold of you due to busy signals or reaching voicemail
  • You frequently lost deals because you can’t respond to potential customers
  • Continued difficulty managing appointments and scheduling
  • You need detailed reports about calls or customized reporting options
  • If you need outbound support to sell products or perform market research

The bottom line: If none of those sound like you, chances are you don’t need call center services just yet. However, if your current system isn’t cutting it or costing you sales, it’s past time to invest. 

#1 – Signius Review — Best Overall Call Center Services

Signius Logo

Signius Communications

Best Overall Call Center Services

Flexible answering services for a wide variety of industries with no setup fees, 24/7 support and live answering, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $45/month.

Signius provides exceptional, well-trained agents that are available 24/7 to help with customer service. On top of that, they’re 100% U.S based and they offer virtual receptionists, twelve operating centers throughout the U.S, and lightning-fast response times. 

Plus,  your customers and business get unmatched attention to detail and service. 

You also get the flexibility to have your calls only covered when you’re with clients, when you’re out of the office, or even over lunch. 

When you choose Signius, you also get countless powerful features and benefits, including things like:

  • Medical answering service
  • Virtual receptionists
  • 24/7 Live answering service
  • After-hours & Bilingual Services
  • Help desk
  • Hotline
  • Customer care
  • Direct response
  • 24/7 Reporting
  • No setup fees
  • Pay as you go

Another MASSIVE benefit Signius provides that separates them from all the rest is their promise to never place a customer on hold or send your customer to voicemail.

This helps provide an excellent customer experience 24/7/365.

Long hold times or leaving messages that never get answered are big reasons for bad reviews,  Facebook rants, and Twitter blasts about terrible service.

However, Signius trains their solution-driven reps to give your customers 100% of their attention solving issues one at a time while remaining on the phone. And by never missing a call or sending customers to voicemail it sends the message customers are the top priority.   

Pricing starts at $45 per month for up to 50 minutes plus $1/minute for additional minutes. They also offer more advanced plans with more minutes and lower additional fees. 

Custom plans are also available for high volumes if that’s something you need. 

Keep in mind that outbound services aren’t available via Signius and they only offer shared agent services. 

#2 – Go Answer Review — The Best For Inbound and Legal Intake Services

Go Answer Logo

Go Answer

Best Inbound and Legal Intake Services

Great for small to midsize businesses. More than 5,000 customers across the country. HIPPA trained agents, 30-day risk-free trial, and flexible pricing options included. Custom pricing also available.

Go Answer is a great decision for small and medium-sized businesses that need inbound call center services. Plus, they represent more than 5,000+ businesses across the country, so you’re in good hands. 

The provider also specializes in legal intake services. 

This means they can help you create custom scripts and gain greater insight into your call center data to monitor messages, call volume and so much more.

Plus, your customers can contact customer support via email, SMS, and webchat. So, regardless of their preferred support channels, your customers can get expert help when they need it. 

Go Answer also offers a ton of reliable and powerful features, including things like:

  • Legal Intake
  • HIPAA Trained Agents
  • Appointment Setting
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Always-On Mobile App & Dashboard
  • Live humans – No robots 
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Flexible pricing options for any size business
  • Custom Plans to suit your business needs 

However, it’s important to note that their call center services are built for businesses with high call volumes and their answering services are focused on small to midsize businesses. 

So, their full-blown call center services may be overkill if you’re only handling a small number of calls. 

As such, call center and outbound service pricing aren’t available online. But getting in touch is easy and they’ll send you a free quote so you can get started. 

Their live answering services start at $50 per month and legal intake services start at $229 per month. So, that’s an excellent place to start if you’re searching for an all-inclusive call center option that can scale alongside your business. 

#3 – Specialty Answering Service Review — Best Answering Services for Large Businesses

SAS Logo

Specialty Answering Service

Best Answering Services for Large Businesses

Thousands of customers and 30+ years of industry experience. Highly trained receptionists with lead generation and branded customer care options available. 14-day free trial, 24/7 live answering operators, and no long-term contracts required. Various pricing plans are available.

If you’re a large business handling countless calls a day, Specialty Answering Services’ dedicated call center is a smart choice. With thousands of customers and 30+ years under their belt, they know how to deliver excellent customer experiences. 

Plus, they train their virtual receptionists twice as long as any other service representative in the industry. So, you can rest easy. 

Not only does SAS have a reputation for being the best answering service provider for large businesses, but they also offer lead generation services and branded customer care services.

Furthermore, you get access to an intuitive user interface that makes for convenient and simple reporting, advanced analytics, note-taking, call monitoring, and message reviewing. All of which are built to scale alongside your business. 

When you sign up, you also get a ton of powerful features, including:

  • Virtual receptionist 
  • Lead generation services
  • Dedicated call center
  • After-hours answering
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Dynamic software integrations
  • Spanish customer support
  • 24/7 live answering service operators
  • 14-day free trial, no credit card required
  • No long-term contracts

On top of full-fledged call center services, they also offer live answering solutions for smaller businesses. However, their full-service option is where they really shine. 

Furthermore, Specialty Answering Services separates themselves by having a simple pricing structure, allowing any business to scale up or down depending on their needs.

Plus, they’re completely transparent about it. 

You can choose between per-minute and per-call pricing, depending on what you need. However, per-call pricing doesn’t include the same perks and benefits. So, keep that in mind when making your final decision. 

Per-minute plans include:

#4 – Five Star Call Centers Review — Best For B2B and B2C Outbound Calling 

Five Star Call Centers Logo

Five Star Call Centers

Best for B2C and B2B Outbound Calls

Full-service customer support outsourcing with a specialty in outbound calling. Various other services including crisis management, marketing research, lead generation, and more. Custom plans tailored to match the specific needs of your large business.

Five Star Call Centers offers everything you need to provide award-winning customer service. But they specialize in outbound calls for both B2B and B2C audiences. 

Hate cold calling? They handle it. Need market research? Done. 

Direct mail campaign falling short? They follow up on direct mail promotions. And they can even help with fundraising, too. 

As an industry player for more than 35+ years, they know how to take care of you and your business while helping you grow in a sustainable manner. Plus, they’re based in the midwest and they offer both dedicated and shared models to fit your needs. 

From cross-selling and upselling to answering questions and everything in between, they can help transform the way you do business. 

Plus, they also offer inbound call services too. You can mix and match the services you need to build your own custom customer service outsourcing package. 

So, you don’t have to worry about paying for services you’ll never use. 

Some of the most popular services they offer include:

  • Lead qualifying and lead gen
  • Crisis management
  • Email and direct mail follow up calls
  • Marketing research
  • Renewing memberships
  • Selling products and services (Cold Calling)
  • Quality assurance efforts
  • Client retention
  • Call center consultation
  • Workforce management
  • Campaign assistance

However, keep in mind that Five Star Call Centers requires an annual contract with a $3,000/month minimum for 24/7/365 support. So, it can be quite expensive for smaller businesses looking for a simple option. 

Since each plan is tailored to your needs, you have to get in touch with their team to learn more and get a custom quote. 

#5 – Answer Connect Review — The Best Technology-Driven Answering Service 

Answer Connect Logo

Answer Connect

Best Tech-Driven Answering Services

World-class technology paired with highly skilled 24/7/365 receptionists and representatives. Various industry specialties, bilingual services, live chat capabilities, and countless software integrations included. Custom pricing only.

Answer Connect incorporates state of the art technology when servicing your customers, generating leads, inbound sales, and more. Plus, they’re always available so your customers never hear a busy signal or get pushed to voicemail. 

Mixing modern technology with affordable plans gives global reach to small business owners and makes answering services more accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

Plus, Answer Connect offers specialized solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, marketing, and legal. 

On top of that, you can set things up to for help anytime you’re not available. 

Have lunch plans or a doctor’s appointment? No problem. With the Answer Connect team behind you, your business is virtually open 24/7 so your customers are never left in the dark. 

Plus, you can configure your notifications settings to stay connected with receptionists and your customers at all times. 

They also offer a wide range of other services, features, and benefits, including:

  • After-hours answering
  • 24/7 answering service
  • Customer support center and specialist services
  • Lead capture tools
  • Franchise answering services
  • Appointment management app integration
  • Bilingual services
  • Exclusive Teleport video services
  • Order Management
  • 24-hour call answering for medical, dental, and clinics
  • Local call answering services in all 50 states

Furthermore, Answer Connect offers a wide variety of built-in software integrations. So, you can easily map sales, add call data to your CRM, provide real-time messaging to your chosen app, and more. 

Pricing isn’t readily available online, so you have to contact their team for a quote. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Call Center Services

Finding the best call center services for you and your business isn’t always an easy task, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. 

So, to help you out, we put together a list of factors we considered when deciding on our top recommendations. 

Customer Support

We investigated what customers are saying, on surveys, review sites like – trust pilot, forums, blog posts, and Q and A sites like Quora and Reddit. 

Call center service support is the most important thing to your business and is weighted the heaviest when selecting a call center service provider. 

All the features, services, and price cuts in the world don’t matter if your customer’s experience is mediocre, or worse… your service agents are unfocused and provide inaccurate information.  

All the service providers we list streamline their services for instant results. And prioritize the customer experience so you don’t have to worry about poor customer experiences. 

They offer online services, email, phone support, and frequently asked questions to help you make the best choice. It’s also wise to call and interact with each company and the support team to see first hand how service is provided. 

Services Provided

This is the second pillar of finding the best call center services for your business. What services do you need to manage? 

Is it inbound calls, email, live chat, sales, or something else? Perhaps you only need part-time help when you’re out of the office. Or maybe you want a completely hands-off approach to inbound/outbound calling. 

Do you want to have control over what agents say? Maybe you need a bit of help in that department. If so, you should consider an option that also includes scripting services to help you out. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to consider how your business operates, what your primary goals are, and what works best for your business.

Then, be sure to communicate this with each provider you’re considering. 

Focused Industries

Many call center service providers work with any industry. Often giving a one size fits all plan, promoting no real connection to your customers or business. 

That’s not what we want for you. 

We made sure to include call center service providers that specialize in focused industries. And provide dedicated agent services that only serve your business. This provides your customers with authentic experiences when interacting with your selected call center service.

Signius Logo

Signius Communications

Best Overall Call Center Services

Flexible answering services for a wide variety of industries with no setup fees, 24/7 support and live answering, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $45/month.


Signius is our #1 recommendation for most users interested in inbound answering services. It’s affordable, transparent, and focused on providing excellent customer experiences. Plus, their representatives are US-based and extremely knowledgeable. 

However, it’s not the best choice for everyone, especially if you’re interested in outbound calling services or other call center consultations. 

So, be sure to use the methodology we talked about as you sort through choosing the best call center services for your business. 

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