No, AI Will Not Change Landscape Photography Forever


Technology marches forward and the market has certain demands. AI seems to be on everybody’s lips and some claim it will change landscape photography forever. I think not.

The company Skylum Software who has created the post-processing software Luminar will very soon release its newest update “Luminar AI”. With Luminar AI they promise to speed up the workflow by applying artificial intelligence to the post-processing phase of photography. There has already been a good amount of doom-and-gloom articles and videos about how this software will change the photography industry forever, for the worse. Put on top of this the very new implementation of easy sky replacement in Adobe Photoshop, a feature that was first introduced in Luminar 4 about a year ago, we really get things stirring among landscape photographers.

With all these new technologies for easy editing towards what some people might define as “more optimal photos” many photographers seem to think it is a slippery slope towards artificial, fake, and easy photographs optimized for social media. In a recent video of mine, from the perspective of a landscape photographer, I discuss how I do not think this new software will change anything or only very little. One of the arguments for me is that handing my photos over to some AI software ruins half the fun of being a landscape photographer. I do not think that any software, no matter how artificially intelligent it is, knows how I want to edit my photos. On top of that neither do I think it can compensate for the heavy time blending masking I often do in Photoshop or the meticulous balancing of tones and colors.

Be sure to check out the video above where I also discuss the easy sky replacement aspect of landscape photography. Also, let me hear below whether you think this new software will change anything or if it is just another storm in a teacup.


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