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CARMEN LLAGUNO – Her multidisciplinary approach to design allows her to not only create garments but also one of a kind “objets d’art” that take her vision even further, breaking the murals between lifestyle, art and fashion.  We celebrate a slower pace and process where there is importance not only to construction details, but also to ethics and values.. By taking a philanthropic approach to the production of our products, we created a hyperlocal manufacturing system in which we collaborate with local manufacturers and artisans to create beautiful luxury pieces that are not only unique but made out of the finest materials


Gilded Body – We are dedicated to providing you with tools and products that help you feel rejuvenated – recentered – restored. Products as sustainable as they are beautiful. It all starts with dry brushing. Keeping your skin healthy means removing dead skin cells – they clog the pores and block healthy skin from fully absorbing nourishing products. Since it’s necessary, dry brushing should be an amazing experience. And with our brush, it is. Its sleek marble handle and flexible natural bristles make brushing into a treat.


Girl of The Earth – Each piece from our womenswear line is made of vintage fabric remnants from 1930-1999. I love our vintage fabrics not just for their timeless prints and old-fashioned high-quality, but also for their inherent scarcity. Sometimes I find an entire roll, sometimes just one remaining meter. This means every girl of the earth piece is what I call ‘few-of-a-kind’ ☆ It sucks to wear the same thing as everyone else, so I adore this. Our pieces offer a second life to already existing fabric, meaning up-cycled vintage materials with truly zero-impact on the environment.


SUM/HER – SUM/HER was founded with a rebellious spirit to offer trendy jewelry & accessories which combine fashionable design with high quality material at an affordable price.


BILLIE SIMONE – Billie Simone Jewelry is a 100% self-funded fine & demi-fine jewelry line designed by Chelsea Moser. What started as just designing pieces for herself quickly evolved into much more. With almost a decade of experience in the jewelry industry, Chelsea worked hard with her team in order to provide a high-end capsule of pieces in terms of quality materials. Providing high-end quality, Billie Simon Jewelry still offers extremely appetizing price points. Allowing everyone to be able to afford a piece of everyday luxury. 


CAROLA – Carola is a proud 100% Colombian handmade brand. With design, materials and work fully inspired by the beautiful nature of our motherland. Carola is committed to create unique, ethical and sustainable handbags without costing the earth. Through the production of sustainable bags, at Carola, we strive to empower Colombia’s indigenous communities, single mothers as well as other communities affected by the Colombian armed conflict. “Wearing a Carola bag is about making the dreams of many people come true, this is why all our bags are unique”


CHIMMI – Chimmi, short for “Children of Immigrants,” was launched as a platform on which people at Chimmi, could be loud and proud about the immigrant hustle. Selling accessories, the co-founders, Sunny and Hoa, love and grew up with. Donating 10% of proceeds to organizations supporting immigrants and marginalized communities. Founder of Chimmi, Sunny’s, family immigrated from South Korea to the U.S. for better opportunities. Hoa’s parents were refugees from Southeast Asia who immigrated to the US. The work ethic instilled in Sunny and Hoa allowed them to flourish in their own careers and led them to meet each other in NYC. The two founders Sunny and Hoa bonded by overindulging in Asian cuisines hitting up their favorite restaurants together. Other than obsessing over food, Sunny and Hoa found a common pride for their cultural upbringing that they often shared with one another. They knew they would collaborate together one day, so Chimmi was an inevitable outlet. 


CIBELLE – Cibelle was founded on a mission to fiercely inspire women to celebrate their differences and support a movement of empowerment through eyewear and accessories. Frustrated by the lack of options available, Cibelle was created. Before Cibelle, there was a void in the market for high-quality frames that made individuals feel confident and beautiful. Along the way of building Cibelle, it was also found that fast fashion eyewear came at the expense of someone in the supply chain, people and the planet. At that point, Cibelle creators knew that they had to not only make the finest eyewear possible. But, they also had to instill a new way of doing business in the fashion eyewear market. Doing just that, Cibelle decided to work with a family-owned factory in Italy. This family-owned factory maintains fair labor standards protecting the people. To further their efforts to better the earth, Cibelle also partnered with not-for-profit One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every frame sold.


CLUB CASUAL – Born in San Francisco and designed in New York, club casual is your go-to loungewear brand where comfort meets chic. The brand was created during the stay-at-home orders by two sisters who were inspired by embracing the current lifestyle and the emerging need for well designed loungewear. The founders set out to elevate your everyday outfits and make you feel your best–even at home. Club casual has a made-to-order business model and the loungewear is produced based on demand in limited styles and quantities–creating less waste and more guilt free shopping! With minimalist and chic designs, each piece is made for staying in and stepping out.


CYAN CERAMICS – Cyan Ceramics began as a way to connect back to the body and to nature. Ultimately, it was about finding a moment of calm amidst the chaos. Founder and ceramicist Catherine Yan carries a minimalist and thoughtful approach to each piece she creates to counter mass-produced goods and endless consumption. Through small batch ceramics handmade in Los Angeles, she believes in finding beauty in the slow and imperfect.


Discover Night – The story of this NYC-based, female-founded startup, started with a super pillow, called the NIGHT Pillow.  In 2015, after a decade in the bedding industry, the founder of NIGHT realized that the products we sleep with could be made better. By not only offering better sleep, but better skin and hair too. The NIGHT Pillow has redefined how a pillow looks and feels and the benefits it provides. NIGHT now offers an array of beauty sleep accessories made from high-quality materials with advanced engineering and radical design to offer maximum support and a wide-range of skincare and haircare benefits. NIGHT’s product assortment includes silk pillowcases, pillows, sleep masks, hair accessories, skincare, and face coverings.

NIGHT was founded on the idea that they would find the BEST possible materials to interact with people’s skin. When Covid-19 hit the US, NIGHT creator and founder immediately took this as a call to action to lend their expertise and production to focus on PPE. They started producing surgical masks and have expanded to produce masks for everyday wear to protect civilians. As market leaders, NIGHT is continuing to research, test, learn and come to the market with cutting edge solutions to help keep people safe (and comfortable) during these unprecedented times. This year, NIGHT has donated over 120,000 disposable masks to healthcare centers in need. 


Eklexic – Eklexic jewelry is bold, edgy & versatile. Wear a few pieces for a minimalist everyday look or stack multiple pieces to make more of an impact. The jewelry is designed and handcrafted in the United States from sustainable materials.

Founder Alexis, designs each piece with the idea that once you wear it, you will be the center of attention – nothing less. Dare to be bold, and the world is yours – that’s the attitude behind the brand. The designs channel audacity and fearlessness. Defy the norm, take chances, stand out – accept the challenge and bask in the attention. 


Franca – “Named after the phrase “Lingua Franca”, meaning “common language,” Franca has its roots in the multicultural heritage of their co-owners. The studio was founded in Brooklyn by Sierra Yip-Bannicq and Jazmin de la Guardia in 2016. Jazmin and Sierra draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds to create playful and modern products that allow for the appreciation of details without overloading the senses.”


KAYLA RAE DESIGNS – Kaylarae Resin Designs is a fusion of beauty & function for the everyday home. Each work of art is proudly 100% handcrafted by the artist, Kayla Rae Gierut, in Laguna Beach California. Her functional works of art are inspired by elevating the hostessing experience, while complimenting modern and contemporary home decor. The popular Kaylarae Grazing Board is the perfect addition to any holiday spread, making them a must-have staple for every home entertainer and a thoughtful, unique gift. 


LUNIKA – LÙNIKA Designs evolved from a place of physical and emotional healing. Three years ago, founder and designer Francesca Giovacchini was hit head on by a drunk driver, which left her jobless and partially blind in one of her eyes. Three months after the accident her mother, the incredibly loving woman that she is, cleared open a spot in her garage, purchased some pearls and gold and insisted that her daughter begin creating again. That was the day LÙNIKA was born. The two, mother and daughter, have been designing together for three years now. Highly influenced by their Italian heritage, the mother-daughter duo continue to design and hand-make pieces from differences in their generational perspectives, and truly pride themselves in creating high-quality designs that feel both modern yet timeless. Each piece is handmade with love in either Los Angeles, Ca or in Arezzo, Italy.  LÙNIKA, which in Italian translates to “the only one,”  is an ode to the eclectic yet feminine energy of the women whose unique stories inspire the world. It is also a reminder that beauty and art not only surrounds us, but it is us. So through each piece Francesca wants nothing more than to remind every woman that there is only one you and that will forever be your power


MACKSIME – MACKSIME was a brand born out of necessity. Like most women, founder Melissa’s days are long and her nights are busy. She was fed up with feeling disorganized, carrying two or three bags at a time. Macksime combines the best of Italian craftsmanship with everyday performance to create something truly beautiful and functional. Made by women on the move, for women on the move. Meet your gym bag, your handbag, your get-up-and-go bag. Meet Macksime.


MILA + ME – During this COVID-19 crisis, Founder Melissa, had been searching for a way to help in her own creative way. She then came up with Mila and Me! Mila & Me is a small, Latina-owned, hand-dyed, loungewear brand with matching mommy & baby options. The idea for the brand was conceived during COVID-19 to brighten one’s day and bring you comfort and peace. 


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