The classic game of chess has found a new home: Twitch


As a worldwide pandemic continues to find out a brand new regular, tens of 1000’s of viewers have been tuning in to observe folks play chess on a livestreaming web site referred to as Twitch.television. An American chess grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamura, together with a variety of celebrities of the online game world, is main a renaissance within the historic sport.

Whereas viewers eagerly await Nakamura’s streams to start, they’re handled to a slideshow of memes involving Nakamura’s face superimposed into scenes from popular culture. First, a reference to a well known Japanese animation, subsequent a well-known upside-down kiss with Spiderman and at last, Nakamura’s attribute grin is edited onto the Mona Lisa herself.

From Aug. 21 to Sept. 6, Twitch and are internet hosting a event, referred to as Pogchamps, the place among the hottest gaming streamers on the planet compete in a chess event with US$50,000 on the road.

The present renaissance in chess is occurring on the confluence of livestreaming expertise, online game tradition, and one grandmaster’s distinctive expertise as each a chess participant and an entertainer. What’s rising is an unexpectedly good pairing between chess and a digital era that’s exhibiting how influential avid gamers could be.

The sport of kings is extra standard than ever, with over 605 million gamers worldwide, and now, memes are concerned.