Tokyo’s Tsukune Toranomon Specializes in Tsukune-Style Yakitori


“I believe we’re a fairly unusual yakitori restaurant,” says Tsukune Toranomon chef Kazuhiro Watanabe. “We’re humorous.” Watanabe is referring to the playful perspective he conveys as the present head of his father’s yakitori restaurant, which opened in 1968. The store has at all times specialised in tsukune, a mode of yakitori made out of finely minced and skewered rooster. It’s apparent that Watanabe is stuffed with ardour and pleasure as he demonstrates the way to skewer the meat, and the way to grill every stick with perfection to be able to savor probably the most taste and fats.

At Tsukune Toranomon, Watanabe serves about 60 individuals a day, which interprets to about 360 completely different skewers a day of tsukune, made with rooster coronary heart, liver, gizzard, pores and skin, tail meat, breast, or cartilage. Whereas the ratio of substances is a “firm secret,” the rooster is minced, seasoned, wanted, and spritzed with yuzu. If prospects ask for sauce, Watanabe kindly declines to serve it, for sauce would masks the yuzu taste and add an excessive amount of salt to the already seasoned rooster.

“To be sincere with you, I by no means thought of yakitori this deeply earlier than at the moment’s interview,” admits the chef. “At present I understand that I actually love yakitori, prospects, individuals, and the way wonderful it’s to be wholesome. I want to meet many varieties of individuals and make them smile.”


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