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Turkey farm revenues set to fall 10-15% | The Budapest Business Journal on the web

 Nicholas Pongratz

 Friday, November 27, 2020, 09:00

Revenue of Hungaryʼs turkey farmers and processors is set to fall 10-15% this year because of a decline in farmgate prices, according to Lajos Horváth, the head of the Hungarian Turkey Association, writes piacesprofit.hu. 

Image by Richard Wozniak/Shutterstock.com

Horváth said turkey farmers generate annual turnover of HUF 36 billion-40 billion, while sales of processed turkey products come to HUF 70 bln-80 bln.

Turkey volume is expected to reach 96,000-98,000 tonnes this year, little changed from previous years, resulting in oversupply. Between 40% and 50% of Hungaryʼs turkey output is exported, generating revenue of HUF 25 bln-30 bln last year. But the pandemic could halve that this year as prices fall.

While farmgate prices for turkey have fallen 10-12% in the past eight months, feed prices have risen by the same amount. Domestic consumption of turkey, which stands at about 4 kg per capita, could fall this year because of periods when hotels and restaurants closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Horváth said the association is pressing for government support similar to that offered to business in the hotel and catering industries, such as payroll subsidies and tax cuts. Holiday sales of turkey at the end of the year could boost the turkey industryʼs prospects for 2020, he added.



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